Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How do children learn?

It has been said that children learn more during their preschool years than they will ever learn during all the years they spend in college. Research in early childhood development shows that young children learn through active use of their senses as they explore their environment. There is no way a young child can learn the difference between sweet and sour, rough and smooth, hot and cold, loud and quiet, dark and light without using the senses to understand these concepts.
In my book, God's World (Pitspopany, 2005),the mother dramatizes the story of the Creation to her child: "On Yom Rishon, the first day, God created the light. I swiftly pull the blanket away. Eli blinks as his eyes adjust to the bright daylight. God divided the light from the darkness, and found it pleasing. The light God called day, and the darkness, night."

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